. . . the name Goddess is as old as Earth. We are her children
. . . the vision of Mother as the giver of life.
     I am
      I am fire

The photographs of Cynthia MacAdams' portray the female, both in nature and as nature. These nudes, then, can be seen as transition figures. The attitude here is one of attentive waiting, of sleep, of introspection, as if woman is exploring the psychic geography of her natural mind. She returns to her mother, to the earth strength of the stoic prairie woman, to the Earth.

Margaret K. Mitchell
From the introduction of RISING GODDESS, 1983

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The photographs in this series first appeared in Cynthia MacAdam's Rising Goddess, Morgan and Morgan; 1983. The photos are for viewing only. All images in the Rising Goddess Series are copyright © 1983 by Cynthia MacAdams. Reproduction is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Cynthia MacAdams.

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