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Cynthia MacAdams

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In her own words . . . .

My goal is enlightenment. The camera is a tool, to express love. Each picture is a part of me and I live with it. In good acting, like good photography, when I find the moment itís orgasmic. I experience total merging of consciousness with the part I play or with the person I photograph. Itís a sensual, sexual, spiritual experience. Itís the heart charka. I embrace the subject with my camera and feel the essence of the soul allowing all her pain and joy to come through my eyes. I as the empty camera am filled with her being.

Books and Exhibitions

Cynthia MacAdams' work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States since 1977.

Four books have been dedicated to Cynthia MacAdams photography. Mayan Vision Quest is a collection of exquisite Mayan Temple sites published by Harper Collins, 1991. The acclaimed Rising Goddess, Morgan and Morgan, 1983, shows MacAdams mastery of nude subjects. In Emergence, published by Chelsea House, 1979, MacAdams captures the spirit of emergent women, including Mary Ellen Mark, Gloria Steinem, Patti Smith, Kate Millett and others.

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